Second and third books in the Moms On Call series. You will find essential information in an easy-to-read, outline format.

Moms on Call Book

  • -How to get toddlers to sleep all night, and in their room

    -The one thing that your child needs most but will never tell you, and how to provide it for them

    -Why toddlers misbehave and why you think what you’re doing now isn’t “working”

    -What to say to your toddler to motivate positive behavior

    -Cheat sheets that include:

    • Getting rid of the pacifier
    • The “no” stage
    • Whining and tantrums
    • Sleep and naptime
    • Hitting and biting
    • Putting on their jacket and shoes
    • Going to the grocery store
    • Holding hands across the street
    • Getting into and riding in the car seat
    • Potty training
    • Bringing home a new baby or sibling

    This resource also provides combined schedules for multi-child households, so you know what time is best to run errands, when you can get both children napping and how to establish nighttime sleep habits.

  • Moms on Call teaches babies a schedule that promotes great sleep routines and improves their feeding experience. Don’t worry, you won’t be so scheduled that you can’t enjoy life, but you also won’t be so flexible that the baby is not sure what is happening next. You just need a few tools and our famous “typical daily routines” to get started.

    • Developing amazing sleep habits
    • Typical daily schedules
    • Feeding schedules, sample menus and a grocery list
    • When and how to transfer to the toddler bed
    • Weaning and the transition to the sippy cup
    • Common illness, what to do about it and when to call the doctor