Lowball/Tumbler: 4.25"h; 8.5 oz capacity (approx.)


Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, these tumblers from Mario Luca Giusti are made from tough, durable acrylic. Named 'Lente' or "Lens," the pattern is based on cut Bohemian glass of the 20th Century and have a wonderful optical effect. Replicating vintage designs of Bohemian (or American Victorian-era) glassware, the pieces are elegant enough for the finest settings and durable enough for those down-home barbeques.


Although it resists most chemicals found in normal use, dishwasher rinse agents can cause cracking and crazing (hairline cracks) on the surface. Therefore it is not recommended for use in the dishwasher or microwave.

Lente Synthetic Crystal Tumbler