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 Laura Davis 



"My name is Laura and I am a representational/impressionistic painter working mostly with oils. I explore the arrangement of darks and lights and the mood of the subject. I’m inspired by the outdoors, so gravitate toward landscapes, especially the Low Country. Architecture, and how it interacts with the landscape, is also a favorite subject Although I’ve lived in California and the UK, most of my life has been spent in Atlanta, GA. I went to the University of Georgia and began my career in business. Soon after college I began pursuing my interest in art, studying the classical principles of drawing and painting with Chris Didomizio where I also taught children’s classes. I continued to paint as I raised three children, studying with several contemporary artists. For several years I owned and operated the Art School of Sandy Springs, where I offered workshops with artists such as Qiang Huang, Derek Penix and Maggie Siner. In 2019, I began painting full time."

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