Start planning for Christmas! Purchase your Bauble Stocking while supplies last.

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A special ending to a wonderful holiday that leaves you with memories for a lifetime. So "save the best for last" with your loved ones, and join the Bauble Stockings tradition. A Bauble Stocking contains, or has a clue to, the final present of Christmas, a grand finale to the holiday.


Meet the Makers

Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished. In 2018, Bauble Stockings moved their production to a community of single moms in Haiti. This organization, Good Threads Needlepoint, has since become a registered BCorp. The women are paid the equivalent of school teachers & nurses. They originally began stitching needlepoint belts to provide stability in their homes so their children could attend school. Since most jobs available were manual labor, these women were unable to find work so their boys kept having to drop out to make money for the family. Since beginning in 2013, not one child has had to drop out, and the community has grown to over 100 women stitchers. The community has built a school for over 120 children, many of whom will be the first person in their family to be able to complete high school. It is an honor to be able to provide good jobs in a country where jobs are hard to come by.